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Qubist, a reputable PHP web development company, provides cost-effective and customer-centric PHP solutions to boost business outcomes. Engage our expert developers for comprehensive and dynamic PHP development services in the UAE, tailored to meet specific client requirements.

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PHP Development in Dubai

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PHP Development in Dubai

We Provide Professional Website Development Solutions and Services for All Industries

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WordPress Development

Create stunning and functional websites with WordPress, leveraging its powerful features, customizable themes, and extensive plugin ecosystem for a dynamic online presence.

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WebFlow Development

Craft visually appealing and responsive websites using WebFlow’s intuitive visual editor, robust design capabilities, and seamless hosting options for a seamless web development experience.

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WIX Development

Build beautiful and user-friendly websites with WIX, utilizing its drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, and integrated business solutions for a professional online presence.

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Shopify Development

Launch and customize your online store with Shopify, leveraging its robust ecommerce features, easy-to-use interface, and extensive app store for a successful online business.

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PHP Development

Develop dynamic and feature-rich websites and applications using PHP, a versatile programming language known for its flexibility, scalability, and broad community support.

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Joomla Development

Leverage Joomla CMS to build scalable and customizable websites, taking advantage of its powerful extensions, multilingual capabilities, and user-friendly administration interface.

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Enterprise Development

Enhance your business operations with tailor-made enterprise management software solutions, providing accurate information, streamlined workflows, and improved results for your organization.

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Sitecore Development

Accelerate your web solutions with Sitecore Developers in Dubai, delivering blazing-fast websites, personalized experiences, and robust content management capabilities for a superior digital presence.

ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET Development

Create dynamic and interactive web pages, applications, and services using ASP.NET, a robust framework known for its scalability, security, and seamless integration with Microsoft technologies.

CMS Development logo

CMS Development

Unlock the potential of advanced content management systems, developing bespoke software, websites, and CMS platforms that streamline content creation, publishing, and management.


Laravel Development

Get secure, scalable, and high-performing web applications with professional Laravel development services, leveraging its elegant syntax, robust features, and efficient development workflow.

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Drupal Development

Build tailor-made websites and applications using the flexible Drupal CMS, harnessing its extensive modules, customizable themes, and advanced CMS capabilities for unique digital experiences.

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Python Web App Development

Future-proof your business with Python-based web and app development services, leveraging the versatility, scalability, and extensive libraries of Python for innovative solutions.

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Angular JS Web Development

Develop custom web services using AngularJS, providing clients worldwide with seamless and interactive user experiences through its powerful frontend framework and modular architecture.

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Website Maintenance Services

Ensure optimal performance and security of your website with comprehensive maintenance services, including regular updates, backups, security checks, and performance optimizations to keep your online presence running smoothly.

Ecommerce Website Development Dubai

Our Website Design and Development Process


Website Consultation

The WordPress website development process begins with an initial consultation. During this phase, the client and the development team discuss project requirements, goals, and objectives. The client’s vision and expectations are carefully understood to ensure that the website aligns with their business needs.


Setup Wireframing website

After the consultation, the development team creates wireframes. Wireframing involves creating a visual representation of the website’s structure, layout, and functionality. It provides a blueprint for the development process, allowing the client to review and provide feedback on the website’s overall design and user experience.


Website Design Approval

Once the wireframes are finalized and approved by the client, the design phase begins. The development team works on creating visually appealing designs that reflect the client’s brand identity. The design elements, such as color schemes, typography, and imagery, are carefully chosen to enhance the website’s aesthetics and user engagement. The client reviews the design concepts and provides approval before proceeding to the development stage.


Website Development Stage

During the development stage, the approved design is converted into a functional WordPress website. The development team writes the necessary code, integrates the design elements, and incorporates the required functionalities. They focus on creating a responsive design that ensures a seamless user experience across different devices and screen sizes. Custom features and functionalities are developed using WordPress plugins or custom code, tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements.


Quality Assurance

Once the development stage is complete, thorough quality assurance testing is conducted. The website is rigorously tested to ensure its functionality, usability, and compatibility across different browsers and devices. Bugs, errors, or issues are identified and addressed promptly to deliver a high-quality website that performs optimally.


Site Launch and Deployment

After the quality assurance phase, the website is ready for launch and deployment. The development team assists with the migration of the website to the live server, ensuring a smooth transition. Final checks are conducted to confirm that everything is functioning correctly. The website is made publicly accessible, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, such as meta tags and URL optimization, may be implemented to enhance its visibility.

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Explore a Wide Range of PHP Development Solutions

At Qubist, we combine creativity, speed, and expertise to create responsive and strong PHP websites and apps. Hire our PHP developers in Dubai who excel in various PHP frameworks and languages like JavaScript, HTML5, Laravel, PHP7, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, MYSQL, Zend, WordPress, Yii PHP, Symphony, and more.

Our custom PHP development services focus on building powerful and secure server sides for all types of web apps. With over a decade of experience, we’ve successfully delivered projects including B2C & B2B web apps, web portals, CMSs, and other web-based solutions. As a leading tech service provider, our highly dedicated professionals follow a standardized project development process to ensure quality and stability.

Php Development Company in Dubai, UAE

Qubist is Your Trusted Php website Development Agency in Dubai

Providing Comprehensive Php Development Services in UAE

As a leading Php development company, Qubist offers diverse PHP development services to meet clients’ versatile needs. We’ve crafted and delivered custom websites, web portals, eCommerce stores, and more to support businesses.

Custom PHP Web Application Development

Our team excels in crafting tailored PHP web applications that precisely meet your business needs. Whether you require a dynamic website, a robust web portal, or a custom web application, our custom PHP development services ensure optimal solutions aligned with your goals.

Full-Stack PHP Development

Our expertise extends across the full PHP development stack. From front-end design to back-end functionality, our full-stack PHP development services ensure a comprehensive approach, delivering seamless and integrated web solutions for your business.

PHP API Development & Integrations

We specialize in creating powerful and efficient PHP APIs, facilitating seamless integration with various platforms and third-party applications. Our PHP API development services enhance the functionality and connectivity of your web applications.

PHP Framework Development

Harness the power of PHP frameworks for robust and scalable web applications. Our PHP framework development services leverage frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter to ensure efficient and structured development for your projects.

PHP CMS Development

Create and manage your website content effortlessly with our PHP CMS development services. Whether you prefer popular CMS platforms like WordPress or need a custom CMS solution, our expertise ensures a user-friendly content management experience.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer

Secure the expertise of a dedicated PHP developer for your projects. Our skilled developers bring proficiency in PHP and related technologies, ensuring the successful execution of your web development initiatives.

PHP Web Support & Maintenance

Ensure the continuous and optimal performance of your PHP web applications with our reliable support and maintenance services. From troubleshooting to regular updates, we keep your web applications running smoothly.

PHP Web App Upgradation & Migration

Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our PHP web app upgradation and migration services. Whether upgrading to the latest PHP version or migrating to a new platform, we ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption.

Custom CRM and ERP Development

Optimize your business processes with our custom CRM and ERP development services. Tailored to your specific requirements, our solutions enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and provide a centralized platform for managing customer relations and enterprise resources.

Php eCommerce Development

Our dedicated developers excel in creating innovative and user-friendly PHP-based eCommerce solutions. These solutions are highly compatible with various software and platforms, requiring less time and effort to develop.

Php-Based Social Networking Solutions

Looking to build a PHP social networking site? Qubist ensures a fully-fledged, attractive social site with engaging and useful features. We incorporate the latest PHP trends to make the site more competitive among rivals.

Partner with Qubist for Digital Success

CChoosing Qubist for your Shopify development in Dubai means partnering with a trusted ally devoted to your online success. We build high-performing Shopify websites that are visually appealing and attract visitors and leads. Our services aim to make your site user-friendly, visible, and efficient in converting visitors into customers. With our expertise, your Shopify website transforms into a powerful tool to reach your online goals.

In short, Qubist is the leading Shopify Website Designing Company in Dubai, offering a complete range of services like Shopify design, Shopify development, logo design, brochure designing, and eCommerce website development. With our customized approach, skilled team, and dedicated commitment to excellence, we become your reliable creative partner for digital success in Dubai. Contact Qubist today for all your web designing and website development needs.

Benefits of PHP development in Dubai?

1. Cost-Effective Development

PHP, renowned for its open-source nature, significantly impacts cost-effective web development strategies in Dubai. The absence of licensing fees allows businesses in Dubai to allocate resources more efficiently, maximizing the return on investment in their digital projects.

2. Learning Ease for Developers

The simplicity of PHP contributes to a smoother learning curve for developers in Dubai. With extensive documentation readily available, developers can swiftly acquire the skills needed to leverage PHP effectively in their projects, enhancing the overall efficiency of web development processes.

3. Platform Compatibility

PHP’s versatile code ensures seamless integration across various platforms, a crucial factor in Dubai’s diverse technology landscape. This adaptability allows businesses in Dubai to reach a wider audience by ensuring their websites perform optimally on different devices and operating systems.

4. Scalability for Businesses

The high scalability of PHP accommodates the dynamic growth and evolving needs of businesses in Dubai. Developers can easily create extensions and scalable solutions, ensuring that websites can adapt and expand in tandem with the growth of the business landscape in Dubai.

5. Community Support

The presence of a thriving PHP developer community in Dubai fosters a collaborative environment. This community serves as a valuable resource, providing local developers with support, insights, and solutions to challenges, ultimately contributing to the success of web development initiatives in Dubai.

6. Cross-Platform Harmony

PHP’s cross-platform compatibility is a significant asset in Dubai’s diverse technology ecosystem. Websites developed in PHP can seamlessly run on various devices, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across different platforms, enhancing accessibility for Dubai’s tech-savvy population.

7. Integration Advantage for Websites

PHP’s inherent compatibility facilitates smooth communication with widely-used technologies like Apache and MySQL. This integration advantage enhances the functionality of websites in Dubai, providing a robust foundation for the implementation of dynamic and feature-rich web solutions.

8. Flexibility with Add-ons

The open-source nature of PHP allows developers in Dubai to exercise a high degree of flexibility. They can create custom extensions and add-ons tailored to the unique needs of the Dubai market, providing websites with distinct features that resonate with the local audience.

9. Competitive Pricing

The popularity and availability of PHP developers contribute to a competitive pricing landscape in Dubai’s web development market. Businesses benefit from cost-efficient solutions, aligning with the financial strategies of companies aiming for sustainable growth and success in the dynamic Dubai business environment.

PHP based frameworks Used in Development

In Dubai, as in many other places, the choice of a PHP framework depends on the specific needs of the project and the preferences of the development team. However, some frameworks tend to be more popular and widely used in various regions, including Dubai. Here are a few frameworks that are commonly used:

  1. Laravel: Laravel is a popular choice worldwide, known for its elegant syntax and modern features. It’s likely to be used in Dubai for projects that require a robust and developer-friendly framework.
  2. Symfony: Symfony is a high-performance framework that is used globally and can be found in use for projects of varying scales. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  3. CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is known for its simplicity and speed. It might be chosen for smaller projects or when a lightweight framework is preferred.
  4. Yii: Yii is a framework designed for efficiency and scalability, making it suitable for large-scale applications. It might be favored for enterprise-level projects in Dubai.
  5. CakePHP: CakePHP, with its convention over configuration approach, is known for rapid development. It could be chosen for projects where a straightforward and quick development cycle is crucial.
  6. Zend Framework (Laminas): Laminas (formerly Zend Framework) provides a collection of robust components. It might be used when a modular and enterprise-grade solution is required.

Php Experts for Every Business Stage in Dubai

Php for Early-Stage Startups in Dubai

Embark on your digital journey in Dubai by building a robust online presence from the ground up. If navigating through app development or exploring advanced PHP options seems daunting, our expert PHP developers in Dubai provide a strategic start. Instill customer confidence with secure payment processing and reliable features for a strong foundation.

Transform casual website visitors into loyal customers with PHP experts in Dubai. Hiring skilled PHP developers from the start minimizes costs and reduces the risk of bugs impacting your site. Achieve your vision swiftly with developers adhering to timelines, maintaining consistent communication, and offering consultation for long-term scalability.

Php for Small Businesses in Dubai

Ease the concerns of a significant e-commerce migration in Dubai by entrusting us to optimize your current storefront API. This ensures seamless integration with backend systems and third-party applications, establishing a well-organized backend as your business expands.

Elevate your product catalog, enhance search functionalities, and increase product up-sells in Dubai. Our PHP agency in Dubai handles it all with transparent communication. Our expert PHP development team ensures you understand the solutions implemented and provides training for any custom PHP solutions introduced.

Php for Established Companies in Dubai

Navigating business growth in Dubai can be overwhelming. Transform your online storefront into a versatile point of sale, catering to diverse customer types. Sell directly to consumers and wholesalers in Dubai while maintaining distinct pricing structures. We assist in expanding shipping options, ensuring seamless scalability for your established business in Dubai.

Tap into our PHP expertise in Dubai to create extensions using PHP APIs. Our skilled PHP API developers in Dubai craft custom ERP integrations and back-office software, facilitating smooth scaling. We guide you through new feature releases, ensuring your PHP-based systems evolve with the dynamic needs of your established business in Dubai.

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